March at CPD4nurses

12/03/2018 13:22
Welcome to the first activity of 2018. This month we look at the underlying causes and events in stroke. More people are experiencing stroke due to ageing populations and increased prevalence of risk factors. Encouragingly, more people are also surviving stroke as our understanding of the events in the brain increases and the importance of rapid intervention to restore blood flow is appreciated. Ischaemic stroke is a “heart attack” in the brain. Nurses are essential in every step of the patient’s journey from acute care through rehabilitation and recovery or enduring disability. 

This year CPD4nurses is providing a series of Science Shorts for Kai Tiaki on alternate months—brief articles that describe the science underlying current health issues that are being written about in the popular press. If you have any suggestions for these, I welcome feedback at [email protected] If you missed it in February, the first article was about cancer risks associated with processed meats. In April, the topic is medicinal cannabis, so keep an eye out.

In an exciting development, CPD4nurses was approached at the end of 2017 to become part of an International Council of Nurses (ICN) and World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) project that delivers quality continuing professional development worldwide. In particular, the ICN is using this platform to provide free education to nurses in developing nations. WCEA also provides medical, dental and other health professional education courses around the globe. Other providers in the scheme include the Royal College of Nurses (UK), John Hopkins University, Lamaze International, and Medline. Exalted company!





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