CPD4nurses assists nurses in meeting their professional development requirements by providing affordable, convenient and professionally written learning activities. We offer straightforward and insightful activities on topics that support fundamental practice.

Each learning activity consists of an article followed by a review that includes application to practice. Reflection questions are included to ensure that learning activities are related to individual practice, a requirement of most national registering authorities. On completion of the learning activity you are emailed a printable (pdf) certificate and a copy of your answers to the reflective questions for inclusion in your portfolio.

CPD4nurses is the brainchild of Georgina Casey, a registered nurse who, when she was raising a young family, struggled to meet annual professional development requirements. As well as being an experienced nurse, Georgina has an undergraduate degree in anatomy and physiology from New Zealand's University of Otago, and a Post-graduate Diploma in Science specialising in wound healing. Further qualifications include a Master of Philosophy (Nursing) and tertiary teaching diploma.

Georgina has taught anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in nursing, midwifery and other health professions. In addition she is a regular contributor to the New Zealand Nursing Journal, and reviewer for the Nursing Standard in the United Kingdom. Georgina blogs as The Inquisitive Nurse - putting the science into nursing practice.

If you wish to provide feedback about the site, learning activities or have suggestions for further CPD topics, please feel free to contact Georgina.


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