MR-SID: Medication-Related Substance Impaired Driving
2 hours

Key points to make in discussions with people at risk of MR SID:

Encourage patients/clients to 

  • Always ask about the effects of medications when receiving new medications and to disclose all substances they are taking.
  • Always read the label of any medication (prescribed or over the counter) and check the consumer information sheet. 
  • Listen to the advice of the health professional prescribing or dispensing the medication and if they are using herbal or traditional remedies, ask about these too.
  • Never stop or alter the dose of a medication without talking to their prescriber or take more that the prescribed dose. 
  • Take medications according to the instructions they have been given.
  • Monitor themselves for signs of impairment before they start and while they are driving and listen to people who are concerned about their ability to drive safely.

Tell patients/clients

  • If you feel impaired, stop driving, or don’t start driving, but keep taking your medication.
  • Don’t drive if you have missed a dose of a medication that you need to control symptoms that could impair your driving.
  • Be careful if you have a change to your routine e.g., very early start or late night.
  • Do not drink alcohol while taking medications that could impair your driving.
  • A single dose of medicine may have a long effect on your driving – some medicines taken at night can still affect your driving the next day
  • Always have a plan B – take a bus or taxi, get someone to come and get you.
  • Remember the risk of MR SID may only be present when starting a new medication. If the effects are longer lasting, talk to your prescriber about switching medications.
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